Make 70 excuses for your Brothers/Sisters in Islam.

December 8, 2010 veiledpearl

Following on from the previous post …..

I was listening to a talk by Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al Kawthari.

His talk was about thinking good about others and giving the other person the benefit of the doubt and not to be judgmental of others.Stay away from assumptions and being suspicious of other Muslims.Do not spread rumors and always think positively.

Remedy for such Ill thoughts which he mentioned are 1) as soon as a thought comes to mind seek Istigfaar( do the zikr of Allah) and 2) think about our own faults about how sinful we are.

From the words of Hamdun al-Qassar, one of the great early Muslims..

“If a friend among your friends errs, make seventy excuses for them. If your hearts are unable to do this, then know that the shortcoming is in your own selves [ibid]”

And the words of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq , “If you find see something you don’t like in a brother, try to find 1-70 excuses for him. And if you can’t find an excuse, say ‘There might be an excuse, but I don’t know it.’

Here are a few examples tell me what excuses you can come up with ?

a) It is salaah time and you are at a masjid. You see a local brother driving by in his car. Rather than stopping at the masjid, his car continues driving and goes out sight.

b)You see a Muslim brother/sister walking out of a nightclub……

c)What would you think if you saw a brother walking down the street with some random hijabi that you knew wasnt his sister or his wife?

d) You see a muslim couple seated at a table in a restaurant which sells haram food….

e) You see a Muslim niqabi/bearded guy  standing in a queue which sells lottery tickets?

f)Muslim couple was seen exiting a bar?
They could be billion more scenarios we can come up with,but the fact of the matter is any one of us could be in any of the above places for completely pure reasons,would we like to be judged for it? Would we want our Muslim brothers and sisters thinking and speaking badly of us?

It’s obvious as Muslims we should never give another person the chance to think badly of us,our outward and inward character should be such that we are seen as walking examples of the Sunnah.Our outlook should be that of a practicing Muslim,we should not attend and be near places of fitnah where sins are committed openly.

We should always have good thoughts of others and try to make an excuse for the person,for instance in scene (b) It could be the Muslim brother or sister went to give someone something,had to make and emergency phone call,maybe from the out side they had no idea it was a nightclub as they were visitors to the country etc….see I’m sure if we use or creative minds and think positively we can make up many excuses for our Muslim brothers/sisters Insha’Allah.

If we know for sure they are in the wrong we hide their faults/sins ,we sincerely make dua for them,take out sadaqah on their behalf,try to advise them in private if it’s someone you know.

As Muslims we should not only be concerned about perfecting our own Imaan,but we should have the concern for the entire muslim ummah…..

Allah(SWT) says in al-Qur’an-

“You are the best community raised up for mankind”(HQ 3:110)

“you enjoin that which is good”

“and you forbid that which is wrong”

Many times we feel shy about telling people that what they are doing is wrong. But we have a responsibility that extends not only to the non-Muslims, but the Muslims as well. The Prophet() said that we should help our brother whether he is wronged, or is doing wrong. The sahaba asked, “how do we help him if he is the one doing wrong?” The Prophet() said, “by holding him back from doing wrong.” In another hadith related in the sahih of al-Bukhari, the Prophet told a story where there was a boat in the ocean. One group of people were up on the deck, and another group were in the lower deck. Everytime the group in the lower deck wanted water, they had to go up and ask the people on the deck for water. Finally, they said “let us a make a hole in our part of the ship so we don’t have to bother them for water.” The Prophet said if the people on the deck left the people in the lowerdeck to do what they suggested, everyone would perish. But if they stopped them, then everyone would be safe.

Al-hamdu lillah for the wisdom of our Prophet(). In this hadith, he is telling us that if we don’t act by forbidding what is wrong, we will go drown along with everyone else, and know O you who believe – that the Qur’an and sunnah together are our flotation device in this sea of troubled waters. We cannot live in this society as it is, and realistically think that we can be righteous despite all that is around us. We cannot sit back and say, these are the problems of the non-Muslims,or it’s their( muslim so and so) so it doesn’t concern me. If in fact, we do believe this, then know that the ship is already sinking.

We shouldn’t think like that when we see another Muslim involved in sin,or their kids and families involved in such sins.Our eyes should shed tears on their behalf,our hearts should be filled with concern as to how can I help these muslims out of the sins they are in.

But do we really care ? 😦 our attitude is such that we care about our happiness only and our families if we’re that concern.”I am happy, I am okay as long as I am happy” we might not acknowledge that is our attitude but that is what our actions reflect and that’s the sad reality of the Muslim Ummah…”I have my home,my empire, my status, I couldn’t care less about others.We justify it and gloss it over by saying that “I mind my own business” and “I don’t get involved” . Is it about minding my own business or is it selfishness? . We need to forget about the ” I” and think about the “WE”…



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